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CHARIOTx was a brand developed for a pre-seed startup whose mission was to empower patients with chronic illness, their loved ones, and advocates to become stakeholders in novel treatments. By empowering them to invest in the research behind these new treatments, patients and advocates would have a voice within an industry that directly impacts them when they often feel like they do not. Considering these factors, the mission of the CHARIOTx brand was to embody hope, the future, and a way forward.

*CHARIOTx was a pre-seed startup that is no longer in operation and is not a usable product.

Logo & Icon

The iconography that CHARIOTx was concerned with was that of, as you could have guessed, the chariot. But more specifically, the wheel of the chariot. The wheel has always been a symbol of ingenuity and moving forward. Some imagery used as inspiration was Helios, the Sun God in Greek mythology who rides a chariot pulled by horses to signal the rising and setting of the sun. So it was natural to pair the wheel with the sun, as can be seen within the four icons displayed. Of these icon choices, we decided to go with the one located on the bottom left.  


Color Palette

Because of the integration of the sun motif, we wanted to utilize a warm and inviting palette to stand out among healthcare, prescription and investment companies. We also wanted to emulate a sunrise to signal new beginnings.

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