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EverSoul is all about creating a space for memories so that when someone passes, there is still something of them. With this in mind, we wanted Eversoul to walk a neutral ground; to be able to shine a light in dark moments. To live up to the memory of those who have gone before us, we wanted to focus on neutral tones with several bright, vibrant colors. 


Logo Design

For this client, they didnt know exactly where to go with the visuals for EverSoul. So after a brainstorming session, I created a moodboard focusing on several different ideas that we were throwing around: flames, circles, knots, fingerprints, etc. Several of these reference death and we wanted to find a unique way to integrate that within the name of EverSoul.

The final visual ended up coming from a combination of the initials, "ES", as well as the flame imagery. The curved and sharp sides mingling with the maze of lines symbolize the grief process itself. And by turning the shape in to more of a diamond creates the flame which in many cultures, is representative of the soul itself. 

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 8.40.58 PM.png

With the word, "ever", I wanted to keep some sort of green within the color palette, no matter how subtle or bright. The options about showcase the different atmospheres for the company to give off: modern, tech-forward, and trending. Similar to the first option, the second logo plays with shapes within the letters, 'E' and 'S', but more abstractly. The third abandons an emblem altogether, letting the words speak for themselves and pairing with chunky line work. In the end, the first option checked all the boxes for the client from the start with hardly any changes to.


Color palette

When businesses deal in death, their branding is generally a somber affair. With EverSoul, they did not want this to be the case but they also wanted to be cognizant of the feelings of their customers. The main colors of this brand are muted, focusing on the black, white, and cream but the secondary colors add bursts of energy to symbolize the happiness of their loved ones life and the joy of the memories that they had with the one who has died. This colors palette balances the sadness and the joy of all different parts of life. 

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