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GiveGab Profile Design

For the profile design, I wanted to streamline the design to be more user-friendly, attractive and all together more useful. I decided to make it a two-system to cut down on instances when content is not accessible; because each module is not custom, accessibility is dependent on the giving day's overall scheme so this would get the profile's in a more accessible direction. I also worked with the engineering team to decide where different modules should fall and what the most useful setup of those modules would be.

Since the profile design has been used for 6+ years by small organizations, we didn't want the changes to be drastic. Any redesign will receive pushback from users; with this redesign, I wanted it to still be familiar while integrating some of the changes users had requested. This includes the information about the organization provided (taking out tags, making "Amount Raise" and "Amount of Donors" more visible, visually making the Donation amounts more attractive, etc.) while making the different sections stand out more (implementing a jump menu).

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