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GiveGab Redesign

After working for GiveGab after 5 years, I was given the rare opportunity to redesign the brand and website. Taking in to account who the company was and what we were becoming (recently acquired by EveryAction), I was able to create a new take on a well-loved company. Moving our website from Hubspot and working with an outside team who developed the Wordpress templates, this was no small task. I needed to take inventory of every page and asset, asses what needed to be removed, and communicate with the marketing team on what needed to be improved. This redesign was a full lift that included more accurately defining our products and what our mission was. 



It is always very important to me to make sure a website looks good on all devices. Of course, depending on the website facilitator, this can be difficult. But since I was able to work with a team of developers on this project, I was able to mock-up and dictate exactly how I wanted the website to react.

This was a method I carried out for 8 different templates which required a lot of testing and meetings with the rest of the team. With 100+ pages to be done within a months time, I also organized our marketing team of 4 people to tackle all areas of this project.

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