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Happy goat dispensary

Happy Goat Dispensary, or HGD, wanted to bring a professional vibe to an industry that doesn't have many refined cannabis brands outside of celebrity brands. Leaning in to a more natural and soft palette and staying away from the lime green of the industry, they bring a cultivated air to their products. With their billy goat and choice of font, their business welcomes newcomers and more seasoned individuals through friendly and sophisticated style.


Logo Design

With the logo, we wanted to have both an approachable design and include the goat motif. We selected a rounded serif for the main header that is both higher-end and classic. Paired with a soft, rounded sans-serif, both create an elegant solution that feels homegrown. To give a quirk, we placed the goat on top of the 'G' to be reminiscent of silly goat behavior. The ability to choose between different colors for the goat adds an additional bit of playfulness.


Color Palette

For the color palette, we wanted to go natural without going too natural. With the softer tones as well as some light pink and lavender, there is an added bit of levity.

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