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KM Lyon Events

KM Lyon Events, curated by the talented Kayla Lyon, specializes in orchestrating weddings and various events. Given her primary focus on romance, we aimed to create a vibe seamlessly aligned with the essence of love. Upon assessing her existing logo, Kayla expressed a desire for a design that strikes a balance between modernity and timelessness, while also reflecting her personal touch. Inspired by the significance of a rose in her family, we envisioned a logo that encapsulates the enchantment of romance with a contemporary flair. This thoughtful fusion of elements beautifully positions KM Lyon Events for a captivating and enduring brand identity.


Logo Design

In conceptualizing this design, my goal was to harmonize current trends, the client's specific preferences, and a timeless appeal. Given the nature of event planning, where the clients take center stage, it was crucial for KM Lyon Events' logo to possess both standalone allure and seamless integration with the clientele's aesthetic. To achieve this, I opted for a serif font, providing a classic foundation, while delicately incorporating a subtle rose motif. This choice not only introduces a hint of romance but also aligns with the contemporary trend of employing double visuals, ensuring the logo's ability to attract attention and resonate effectively with the target audience.

View a sample of the mood board for this logo below. Note: none of these designs are mine; just a collage of ideas between the client and I.

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 4.01.04 PM.png

Color Palette

When considering the theme of romance, my intention was to infuse the design with inviting warmth, tempered by a subtle touch of coolness. Opting for a lilac pink for the underlying rose imagery struck the perfect balance — bright enough to convey modernity yet subtle enough to gracefully recede behind the text of the logo. Additionally, the inclusion of a merlot and mocha color palette brings forth a sense of warmth, richness, and passion. To provide an elegant and formal touch, the combination of cream and straight black serves to harmonize and elevate all elements, ensuring a sophisticated aesthetic across various materials.

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