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Omnia Design Co.

Omnia Design Co. wanted to breathe new life into their brand and translate it into an exquisite Squarespace website. Guided by their vision, I set out to create a captivating online presence that captures the essence of their identity. Melding the realms of nostalgia and sophistication, we decided on a palette of muted retro colors that exude both playfulness and subtlety, perfectly harmonizing with their desired ambiance.


Logo Design

Incorporating the delicate yet lively spirit of a hummingbird into the brand became a cornerstone of our design. The graceful creature serves as a captivating emblem, embodying the core values of Omnia Design Co. As a business specializing in luxury balloons and small event planning, we understood the need to infuse the brand with vibrancy, allowing their awe-inspiring designs to shine brightly.


Color Palette

By infusing the brand with an invigorating energy, we ensure that Omnia Design Co. stands out in the competitive market. Our design approach preserves the elegance and sophistication expected from luxury services, while also igniting a sense of excitement and anticipation within their potential clients. Through meticulous attention to detail, we have created a compelling online experience that beautifully showcases Omnia Design Co.'s expertise, leaving a lasting impression on their visitors.

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