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Rachel Beverly Music

Rachel Beverly had evolved as a musician and artist to more align with her personal brand as well as her logo design. This website design is minimal and sleek so that there is more focus on her music as well as where to listen her. We also wanted a focus on the ability for event managers to book her services as well as to advertise any upcoming music.


Yard Sign

Something special that Rachel wanted was a sign for her concerts and events so people could find more information about her music, schedule her for other events, as well as tip her via Venmo if they so chose. This has been both used a yard sign as well as a projected background and this helps get the word out about her artistry.

Another part fo this project was creating a favicon for both the sign as well as her website. We built off of her preexisting logo and font used to create a shortened logo that can be used in the appropriate areas. 

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