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Web design

Creating an intuitive, accessible and visually appealing website is extremely important to a brand but also, an exciting puzzle for me. It requires me to use both my creative and logical skills to make something that anyone can navigate and that everyone will enjoy.


A brand focused on bringing prescription control to people, this brand was all about light and hope as well as a way forward for those suffering.

Givegab Redesign

This project included designing 8 templates to be used over 100+ pages and utilizing a full team to complete the redesign within a strict timeframe.

Coach hanshaw

With a focus on creating Coach Hanshaw's identity, this website evokes her goal of autonomy with her clients.

Notre dame mock-ups

A custom creation for Notre Dame Day, this design enhanced key elements by creating a visually modern site.

Givegab profile design

Optimized for both accessibility and user experience, these profile pages are featured on GiveGab's Giving Days and utilized by a range of users.

Giving day data report

Combing both the original GiveGab brand with EveryAction's, the data report was an e-book to be utilized for our partners.

Omnia Design Co.

Wanting to breathe new life in to their brand and create a website, muted retro colors and funky textures were utilized to encapsulate the fun that this business brings to others.

Marcella Marketing

This website refresh helped Marcella craft the visual identity she wanted for her new business through Wix.

Rachel Beverly MUSIC

Rachel Beverly's website was redesigned within Squarespace to more align with her personal brand.

year-round breakdown e-book

This e-book was distributed to GiveGab partners to help them organize and prepare to make the most of their Giving Day.

Ultimate guide to giving days

Three different versions for each type of Giving Day was created to help guide those new to the Giving Day sphere.

Giving day web admin view

Organization and intuitive structure were pivotal with this backend redesign of the GiveGab Admin product. 

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